Little Wrens Forest School Terms & Conditions

We try to keep our terms and conditions straightforward. We hope you will agree that what we set out here provides clear guidelines of what you can expect from us and what we, in return, expect from you.

Payment for sessions

Payment in advance by BACS transfer is required at least 48 hours in advance of attending sessions. Places are not guaranteed until payment is received and will automatically offered out to others on our waiting list if payment is not made.

Schools/ Pre-Schools will be invoiced


Cancellation due to COVID

If the Government announce a further period of lockdown, or to prevent the spread of COVID 19 and protect our children and staff, we may need to postpone sessions. We do not refund if we have to cancel due to circumstances out of our control like adverse weather conditions or a pandemic, however we will offer you a transfer. We will aim to add replacement sessions as soon as it is safe to do so following


Government guidelines and advice

Whilst it is appreciated that 48 hours’ notice cannot always be given if your family needs to self-isolate due to coronavirus, payment will still be required for the session. Whilst this is a difficult time for all, as a business, booked numbers are required to pay for their sessions to make the sessions financially viable.


Cancellation due to illness

If Jacquie is too ill to run the session and we are unable to find a replacement, the session will be postponed and we will offer everyone an alternative date to return for their session or a session will be added on to the end of a block.


Cancellation due to extreme weather

Although forest school happens in all weathers, safety will always come first. If there is strong wind or extreme thunderstorms, whereby we feel the session is exposed to unacceptable risk, the session leader may decide to cancel. Unfortunately, no refunds are given but an additional session will be offered.


Cancellation by Parent/Carer

Cancellation must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the booked sessions, to allow enough time for others on the waiting list to be given the opportunity to attend. NB There are no refunds given for individual sessions missed during a series, or for one-off sessions We are not able to offer a refund if your child cannot attend, as we will still be running the session and have costs to meet. Once you have booked onto any of our blocks of sessions, we allocate staff based on our booked figure, we purchase resources based on the booked figure and we pay site rental fees so we are not in a position to refund you unless another customer can take your space before the sessions start.


Medical, Activities and Photography consent Forms

These must be completed, signed and returned at least 48 hours before the commencement of the Forest School session(s) for which you have booked. We also require any changes to information submitted on our medical/consent forms to be shared with us, for the comfort and safety of all attendees. Inhalers/Epipens/insulin dependents If you or your child requires any of the above then the medication must be brought to the session/s for use in case of an emergency by a First Aider or Medical Emergency personnel. NB If a child arrives for a session without his/her emergency medication then the session leader reserves the right to refuse entry to the session (for the protection of both child and staff/volunteers)



We have policies and procedures related to safeguarding for both clients and staff, which we can provide for you to read on request. If you have any questions relating to safeguarding in relation to a child or vulnerable adult then please contact us. We provide confidentiality in relation to information shared with us by service-users, except in circumstances where disclosure makes it a legal obligation to share information with appropriate professionals.


Protecting your privacy

Whilst we respect privacy of individuals we do take photographs and sometimes short video clips during the woodland sessions which we like to use to help encourage others to come along. We always ask those who attend whether they are happy for photos/videos to be used for marketing purposes or shared onto our web site and Facebook page.


Feedback and Concerns

We encourage all participants and carers/parents to give us feedback about their experience at any of our Forest School/educational sessions. We actively encourage a two-way conversation about anything that has caused/is causing concern. Feedback can be given verbally, in person or by email. We aim to be as open, honest and as straightforward as possible with carers/parents in order to maintain a constructive two- way flow of communication


For health and safety reasons, attendees must under no circumstances bring their own tools or knives to use at Little Wrens Forest School. If they are found, they will be confiscated immediately and returned to their parents